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Gemma's secrets TO Rewarding & Real Friendships

1.       Commit - If you make plans with another member put them in your diary in permanent marker! Get your shit together, leave that day free, plan some fun, attend no matter what and enjoy it.

2.       Be Present – If you’ve made the effort to make plans and actually follow through with them, be 100% fully present in the moment. Turn your mobile on silent (I would say off but selfies are encouraged), forget everything else that is going on in your life and focus fully on the person in front of you.

3.       Moan first then fun – Us women love a good moan but it doesn’t have to take over the whole meet-up. Have a good rant and a rave; get it off your chest and MOVE ON! Make jokes, be silly and enjoy each other’s company.      

4.       Make an effort – meet half way, take it in turns to drive, visit each other. A friendship is a two way street!

5.       Learn - Immerse yourself into what the other person has to offer – Listen to their stories, ask questions about their hobbies, find out about their family – it is not all about you!

6.       Do new things together – Say yes even if it is something you would never normally do. This gives you the chance to learn and grow as an individual as well as the opportunity to build a stronger connection with your new friend.

7.       Follow up – If your new friend has a big interview coming up, follow up on how it went. If your new friend is starting a new hobby, support them. Life is busy but that quick text or call will mean the world.

8.       No bitching – we are real people. We all understand that we cannot give every other person here the attention they deserve and ultimately a select few will stick out as compatible to us. We also understand that we won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that is completely ok. But we don’t do bitching or leaving people out, we do empowering, supporting and sharing the love!

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