Social media makes me depressed

Social media makes me depressed

In the digital world of social media we have communication at our fingertips yet more and more people are feeling lonely, disconnected and depressed. The average person spends around 4 years on their phones. Technology has made us more selfish and anti-social than ever. As much as our 'friend lists' grow are real friendships are not getting the attention they deserve. We've started to measure self-worth from likes and selfies rather than the opinions of those that matter to us. Don't forget that you have the choice to switch off, to take back control and make a difference.



Here are 5 things to remember when social media makes you depressed:

1. Social media is a highlights real

Does it always look like the people you are following are always out having fun? It is wonderful that they are happy and enjoying themselves but their feed will be the highlights. They will have days where they are sat at home binge watching Netflix in their pjs but don't document it.

2. A photograph can be manipulated

A great filter, a flattering angle and a tight crop can enhance people's best features. Remember the truth could be manipulated with photoshop.

3. 'Likes' mean nothing in the real world

Social media is a constant battle for more followers, likes and shares but these do not reflect friendships in real life. A 'popular' social media user may not even have any real friendships. Consider if social media ended tomorrow what would you lose?

4. Nobody is perfect

The bikini wearing fitness model you're following on Instagram is guaranteed to have insecurities of her own. You never really know what is going on behind the scenes and social media is great at hiding those flaws.

5. Social media is not validation

Social media can not be used to validate who you are, what you're doing or who you are. Trust your instincts, concentrate on your path and make yourself happy.


If social media is starting to make you feel distanced from the real world, lonely amongst society or anxious about where your life is going.... log off! Delete the apps, take a social media break and enjoy experiencing real memories through your eyes not your phone.