In my twenties and have no friends

In my twenties and have no friends

I’m in my twenties and I have no friends. Girl, I hear ya! I have been in your position and never wanted anyone else to feel that shitty, lonely desperation ever again. That was the reason I started this community. I reached late twenties and I had no real ‘would drop everything at a drop of a hat’ friends to be there for me. After a split from my at-the-time boyfriend, I received nothing short of nosey texts to get the low down on the situation from some 'friends'. I was trying to channel my inner Beyonce and all I was getting was sympathy sorry texts when I wanted positive vibes only! I wanted texts like ‘get yourself dressed up we are going out’ or ‘have you eaten yet, I’m bringing food’. The situation was eye opening.

Do you know what? I thought I was the only one googling ‘in my twenties and have no friends’ but there is a lot more of us out there than you may think.
— The Friend Coach

I’m an honest person. I have always been open about my struggles, my anxieties and my life projects and by being an honest person you start to realise that others open up to you too. Do you know what? I thought I was the only one googling ‘in my twenties and have no friends’ but there is a lot more of us out there than you may think. Let me add this here: there is nothing wrong with you! Please do not be hard on yourself. We are always our own worst critic; so I know you are probably feeling lost, lonely and like you will never find best friends...but you will and there are many reasons why having no friends is good! You are a wonderful person and you’re in exactly the right place for empowered women sticking together and sharing nothing but understanding and love. 



Here are 5 things you can do right now to change your friend situation:

1. Drop the ‘friends’ that make you feel shit – you don’t need those people in your life bringing you down!

2. Learn to enjoy time by yourself – you should NEVER have to rely on the company of others to enjoy yourself. Challenge yourself to solo meals, shopping trips and evenings in with your favourite films. Practice self love too. Get your nails done, take a nice bath and listen to music you love. (My friend project: A day out alone

3. Start a new hobby – Is there something you’ve been wanting to do for ages? Join in, sign up and get involved. You will enjoy your new hobby and be surrounded by like-minded people.

4. Stop scrolling and stop putting yourself down – If you find yourself feeling low and scrolling at all the squad goals, friend goals and best friend hashtags STOP, like immediately! Close your phone, remove the app if you need to and look around you in the real world. It is a very different place. (Related post: Social media makes me depressed)

5. Start being who you would want in a friend – nobody is going to want to be friends with someone moping because they have no friends! Get yourself out there, dress up, do something new with your hair, paint a smile on your face and go meet new people. You have got this!

If you found these tips helpful, this is just the start of the new you! Come and join our amazing friend community here empowering rewarding and real friendships.