How to create a vision board

A vision board is a game changer for goal setting and dream attracting, so it’s important to know how to create a vision board. If you are still on your journey to making friends, I encourage you to create a vision board of all the things you want to do with your new friend. If you have made new friends I encourage you to make one together. The process of making a vision board is really fun and it is really important to have a vision for your friendship. It can be of all the things you want to have and places you want to see together.



What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collection of visual things that help you work towards manifesting them. These ‘visual things’ can be of anything; the people you want to attract into your life, your dream; job, car, house, pets etc. The important thing is that you decide on a direction for your life, pick exactly what you want and believe you’re going to succeed in getting them. The book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne explains vision boards really well. The e-book is available to listen to on YouTube here.



How do I make a vision board?

This is the exciting bit. A vision board can be whatever you want it to be. The process of making it can be really fun and as creative or quick as you wish. Some examples are;

  • Pin board

You can buy a simple cork board and pin cut-out images, photographs, words and drawings onto it.

  • Pinterest

You can start a Pinterest board for all of your ideas. This is perfect to share with a friend as you can both access it and add to it. The ‘secret’ board option is perfect to keep your ideas just between the two of you.  

  • Scrap book

If you prefer drawing ideas out, being creative and getting out the colouring pens a scrap book would work perfectly. You can cut images from magazines to stick in the scrap book. You can add to it, draw in it and highlight bits.

  • Phone

If you prefer digital and have a more minimalistic lifestyle you may prefer to create your vision board on your phone. Apps like PicMonkey and Layout allow you to make a collage of images. You could then save this as your background screen or lock screen so that you always see it.  


How to manifest what you want

The important thing is to believe you already have these things already. Live like you’ve already booked the trip, that you already have the matching friend tattoos, etc.  

If you made a physical copy place it in a prominent place for example in your office or by your mirror. When you see it focus on the feeling, really conjure it up. This brings what you want forward in your life. You're telling the universe it's yours already.

Comment below what you have achieved using a vision board.