10 friendship goals that are actually realistic

We've all seen the sunset photos proudly hash tagged #friendgoals but sometimes life isn't always a beach. We need amazing friends through the good times and the bad.


Here are 10 friendship goals that are actually realistic:

1. They make you forget the serious stuff

2. They're happy to have a photo with you anytime

3. You can be yourself completely around them

4. It doesn't matter how long you haven't seen them for you always have lots to talk about

5. They are fun to buy presents for

6. They've got your back no matter what

7. They'll watch tv you like just because they like hanging out with you

8. They know how to cheer you up instantly

9. They believe in you and empower your inner beyonce

10. They give you that moment in their presence where you're just like 'I bloody love this girl so much'