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How to make friends at work

As an adult work can be one of the best places to make new friends. You have an instant subject in common, you probably spend more hours with these people during the week than your own family and you see each other regularly enough to know what is going on in each others lives. Here are 5 easy to follow top tips to make friends at work.

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Top 6 Places: Where can I make friends

Taking the first steps to making new friends is the hardest part. It is only natural to feel nervous and maybe even awkward about it. Making new friends has always been treated as a bit of a taboo subject, but I’m here to shout about it and what a fantastic thing it is. People are just expected to have friends but it leaves you wondering where can I make friends.

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How to create a vision board

A vision board is a game changer for goal setting and dream attracting, so it’s important to know how to create a vision board. If you are still on your journey to making friends, I encourage you to create a vision board of all the things you want to do with your new friend. If you have made new friends I encourage you to make one together. The process of making a vision board is really fun and it is really important to have a vision for your friendship. It can be of all the things you want to have and places you want to see together.

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