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How to make friends in 5 easy steps

If you have recognised you want some new friends but are not sure how you are going to make them, you are in the right place. It is all about staying true to yourself and keeping things simple. The following how to make friends in 5 steps will make you more open to meeting new people and developing them into rewarding and real friendships. 

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Why having no friends is good

There is nothing worse than the short, sharp realisation that you have no friends. You’re not even exaggerating. You’ve been cancelled on, not invited and insulted one too many times. Your heart sinks as you realise that you have no one that would drop their lives in a hurry to help you, no one that actually commits to your meetups and no one that shows a genuine interest in you and your life. Keep reading, you’re about to learn game changing information as to why having no friends is good.

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My Friend Project: Where to meet friends in your 20s

I think the best thing to come from this journey is that suddenly you see the world so differently. You are more aware of how you spend your time, who is around you and you focus on quality conversation. You have to look for the opportunity to make friends wherever you go. Unfortunately there is no secret location that all other 20 somethings are waiting to find other friends.

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