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Why having no friends is good

There is nothing worse than the short, sharp realisation that you have no friends. You’re not even exaggerating. You’ve been cancelled on, not invited and insulted one too many times. Your heart sinks as you realise that you have no one that would drop their lives in a hurry to help you, no one that actually commits to your meetups and no one that shows a genuine interest in you and your life. Keep reading, you’re about to learn game changing information as to why having no friends is good.

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What not to say to your single friends

My life path lead me to experience being single in my late twenties and it opened up a whole other world to experience. No one was aware of what not to say to your single friends. I’ve always been in tune with the universe, I practice self-love and I was confident I would meet someone again. The problem was the people around me weren't convinced. Being single lead to a bombardment of comments from family and 'friends' that were hurtful, shocking and would ruin my vibe for days.

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