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Working unsocial hours and keeping friendships alive

When trying to organise a catch up most people will say "I'm working next week". When they say it, they mean that they're working their set hours during the day but will be free in the evenings. When I say I'm working next week it normally means I'm away on a 9 hour flight ride in another country halfway around the world. What people struggle to grasp is that I can't just fit in a coffee between working flights because between working flights, I'm out of the country.

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4 things you should never say to your friend that is pregnant for the second time

However, being pregnant for a second time I didn’t expect to have conversations with people that would make me question their question. Regularly I get comments and I think to myself that is something you should never say to your friend that is pregnant for the second time. Maybe being the pregnant one you feel like it should be unwritten code, but as I've come across many people that don't know here I am sharing it for the world to see. 

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My friend is a hoarder

There then becomes a time where you will visit their home.  Then you find out that your friend is a hoarder. Not just the memories, tickets, children’s art, books, they keep everything.  

It can be difficult, especially for the minimalist, OCD friends, you may be similar people but your homes could not be more different.  So, how do you deal with this?

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Is it ok to go on holiday on your own?

I have always loved to travel and have been suffering for a serve travelling bug since I've come back to the UK from being a Holiday Rep. I've managed to survive by booking little trips I can get myself excited for. Last year I decided I would try my first mini break by myself to London. I had an amazing time, shopping, relaxing and seeing the sights and while being there I thought to myself if I can enjoy this trip so much maybe I should book a holiday abroad by myself.

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