Is it ok to go on holiday on your own?

Is it ok to go on holiday on your own?

Guest blog post



Hey guys! I'm Chlöe, 25 years old and from the lovely little city of Exeter. Let's dive straight in, I have come to a point in my life where I believe I shouldn't stop myself from doing the things I want to purely because I'm single, my friends are coupled up or are in the midst of their careers. I don't want to look back on my life when I'm 80 and sat in my rocking chair and think I wished I'd of done this and I wish I'd of done that. I want to be that mental grandma that has tons of crazy stories to tell her grandkids. 


I have always loved to travel and have been suffering from a severe travelling bug since I've come back to the UK from being a Holiday Rep. I've managed to survive by booking little trips I can get myself excited for. Last year I decided I would try my first mini break by myself to London. I had an amazing time, shopping, relaxing and seeing the sights and while being there I thought to myself if I can enjoy this trip so much maybe I should book a holiday abroad by myself. So I did it, I took the plunge and booked a weeks holiday to Paphos in Cyprus. Somewhere I have spent some time before, felt safe and I was guaranteed to turn a darker shade of white with some cheeky freckles thrown in for good measure. 

When I started to tell my friends about my holiday the first question was ' who are you going with?'. When I replied no one the looks on their faces were priceless. 'Chloe you're mental' 'Why've you done that for' 'You're so odd girl' 'Won't you be lonely?' Let's be honest you don't hear of many 25 year olds going on a summer package holidays completely by themselves so I get it may seem odd to other people. 

‘Maybe she’s just broken up with her boyfriend’ ‘Maybe she has no friends’ ‘Christ she must be lonely’

The excitement hit me as I boarded the plane to Paphos, I knew I would have a brilliant time. As soon as I got onto the little transfer bus I was met with the first of many comments I would hear people say about me during this trip. 'Oh my gosh Keith, she can't be here on her own, poor girl'. I tried not to let this woman's comment phase me. 

It was around about the second or third day when the comments started to piss me off a little. I could hear these elderly couples coming up with all these scenarios as to why I was by myself... 'Maybe she's just broken up with her boyfriend' 'Maybe she has no friends' 'Christ she must be lonely'. I should of just had a sign around my next saying 'I'm fine I'm having a brilliant time!". I guess it's also a generation thing for them to as back when they were younger it was quite unheard of but any way I didn't let any of their comments phase me and once I reiterated my motto to them they understood the best they could. 


I spent most of my time in Paphos sunbathing, reading, watching sunsets, shopping and seeing sights but I also wanted to push myself to do things a little outside of my comfort zone being a single traveller. One of these things was booking a boat trip to the Blue lagoon. It was a trip I had always wanted to do previously in Paphos but had never got the chance. I booked it before I arrived in the resort so I had no excuses to chicken out. My main worry was feeling like a total plonker as the main target market for the trip was families and couples. I'm a social person but sometimes it can feel a little awkward when you're surrounded by so many couples. I mean 3rd wheeling is bad enough imagine 403rd wheeling. Bit much really . I shouldn't of worried at all though as I honestly had the best day of my holiday! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and I didn't feel like a plum at all. Throughout the whole day not one person asked me why I was by myself which was a nice welcome break to comments I'd received around the pool. 

After this excursion I pushed myself more. I went for dinner in 'romantic' restaurants I wouldn't of previously wanted to go for the fear of looking weird. I went to local bars in the evening time and chatted to local families and workers. 

I can honestly say looking back I had an amazing holiday. It was so nice relaxing and having some well deserved me time away from everything back home. I would encourage people to push themselves a little to see the world. Whether that being just a simple trip to the next town or on a package holiday like me. Our friends can be our comfort blankets sometimes and it is okay to do things on your own. So simply... push yourself, explore, leave those comfort blankets and most importantly create memories to tell when you're sat on that rocking chair. 

Advice for others thinking about going on holiday alone

  • Go to somewhere you think you'll feel safe and comfortable. Do your research so you are familiar with your surroundings. Let family or friends no a little about your plan just in case. 
  • Rediscover the things you love to do. Whether that be a walk along the beach, swimming, photography or dancing a night away in bar! You'll honestly have the best time! 

Top tips for encouraging others to spend quality time alone

  • Take some time for yourself away from the grind of everyday life. Whether that be just to a city up the road for an overnight stay, a package holiday or full on travelling across the globe. 
  • You'll come back feeling so refreshed and chilled and it's so good to reconnect with 'you' and do and see the things that you love. 

Love Chlöe x