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I’m so happy to have you here, let’s get to know each other better

I’m all about big rings, the colour yellow and any meal that includes goats cheese. I’m inspired by live music, time spent in the Suffolk countryside and my tribe of wonderful friends. But life hasn’t always been this balanced. I had always lived without a best friend. I had friends but craved more connection. I wanted my very own tribe. I wanted soul sisters who would share my fears, a girl gang who I could dream big with and powerful females to be inspired by. As I reached my late twenties, my friends had got married, had babies and their priorities had changed. I was busy trying to be an entrepreneur, chasing big goals and always wanting more. Until one day it all crumbled. I was burnt out, insecure and lonely.

I have felt the heart-wrenching torture of loneliness.

I would cry myself to sleep, I would dread weekends and I knew I was destined for more. I was stuck in society lead comparison and feeling unworthy of living my best life. One day everything changed. I decided to dedicate a year to make friends. I was convinced that just because I hadn’t yet found my tribe by adulthood that it didn’t mean I never would. I started a blog to document my journey and something amazing happened. The more I talked about feeling lonely, so did everyone else. Women who seemingly had it all were confiding in me sharing their feelings of loneliness. Successful women, career-driven women, married women, mothers and women of influence were all lonely. I quickly realised we are all lonely together, ironic really isn’t it? So I decided to be the woman to do something about it.

I’m now the go-to girl when women are feeling lonely.

I am now a writer, speaker, podcaster and cheerleader for women everywhere wanting to create unstoppable self-love beyond loneliness, happiness beyond success and friendship beyond hopelessness. I am the go-to girl for women wanting to become their own best friend, enjoy balance in their home life and create their very own tribe of powerful female friends. As an empath, I have a big heart and natural abilities in speaking, teaching and healing. Happiness for me is found in helping others.

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I walk my talk and live my own best life

Want to know what makes me feel good? Walking my own talk and being the living example that everything is possible for you.

I am no longer crippled by loneliness and happily spend time alone. I have a solid divide between work life and my personal life and get to enjoy very separate lives. I live every day with balance and am surrounded by a circle of friends that inspire me, encourage me and are my biggest cheerleaders. I am surrounded by powerful female friendships in business and life I always have fun and exciting things to look forward to. And now I want the same for you.

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