Meet Gemma

I quickly realised we are all lonely together, ironic really isn’t it?
— Gemma

Heyyyy and welcome to How To Make Friends (HTMF), it's SO lovely to have you here. Whether you are here to stop feeling lonely, make new friends, solve a friend problem or to find inspiration of things to do with friends, I am grateful for you stopping by.



I'm Gemma. I'm ALL about big rings, goats cheese and anything yellow. I find inspiration from live music, exercising and time spent in the Suffolk countryside. Alongside HTMF I'm currently trying to teach myself how to play guitar and learning Greek - yano just for fun! As cliché as it sounds, when I'm not helping others make friends, I'm spending time with my own wonderful friends making memories, inspiring each other and most importantly having so much fun.

I'm a job-jumper turned full time blogger. As soon as I started HTMF I knew I had finally found my calling. I am incredibly passionate about curing loneliness and empowering women to make rewarding and real friends. As an empath I have a big heart and natural abilities in speaking, teaching and healing. Happiness for me is found in helping others.


Why How To Make Friends?

How To Make Friends blossomed from an idea. From school I had no specific best friends, by my mid-twenties I had ditched a lot of 'fake' non-fulfilling friends and by my late twenties a lot of my friends had got married, had babies and their priorities changed. I was left feeling extremely lonely and ready to make new friends. I decided to start a friend project.

I intended to document my journey of my experiences making new friends, but it quickly grew into so much more. Throughout my project and my honesty of talking to others, it turns out I wasn’t alone in feeling lonely. I quickly realised we are all lonely together, ironic really isn't it? From mums, single women, divorced women, career-driven women and every woman in between for whatever personal reason, loneliness was rife and so was the desire to make new friends. was born.


Living my Best Life

I am no longer crippled by loneliness and happily spend time alone.
My self-confidence sets my own vibe to attract my tribe.
I don't live my life to please others and have more friends because of it.
I no longer have flakiness within my friendships.
I no longer hide behind the 'strong friend' act.
I have friends that mutually nourish our friendships.
I am surrounded by a circle of friends that inspire me, encourage me and are my biggest cheerleaders.
My social life is exciting, fun and I always have things to look forward to.
Now I want the same for you. If you're ready to live your best life, let's work together.