I launched the How to make friends Podcast

The How to make friends Podcast is here! I have literally wanted to have my very own podcast ever since I started the blog, but it never felt like the right time, until now.

I have no set plan for the HTMF Podcast, I just want to evolve and flow as I go and as my heart desires. I intend to cover everything from loneliness, making friends and living a well balanced life. I will host solo episodes, interviews and live versions too.

Image of Gemma Scopes the host of the How to make friends Podcast

As with anything, the best place to start is a good introduction…

Episode 1: Curing loneliness & how to make friends

In the first ever episode of the How to make friends Podcast you can learn more about me, how I mastered loneliness and my mission to empower other women to do the same. Get an insight into my game-changing friend project, how it’s possible for you to create a circle of rewarding & real friends and what you can expect from future episodes.

It is available on iTunes here

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Author: Gemma Scopes

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