How to deal with nasty comments

How to deal with nasty comments

Unfortunately life isn’t full of friends. Instead there are times you may come across strangers, colleagues or acquaintances that make nasty comments. We all have different ways of living which should be accepted, but sometimes people can be just plain mean. Constructive criticism or feedback is not what I am focusing on here. I am instead focusing on when people say toxic things to deliberately hurt you.

If you’re letting other people’s words impact your day, your thoughts or your ambitions it’s time to take back control of your own life. When someone insults you it is a reflection of their own beliefs and personal situation. Some of the toxic comments that you carry will have been said in anger, with intentional hurt or with regret. It is likely the speaker of those comments doesn’t even remember saying them. That proves the irrelevance of this weight that you are allowing to dictate your worth. Do you still carry the burden of past toxic comments and situations? It is time to let go with these 5 simple steps: How to let go of toxic comments and insults.

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4 simple steps: How to deal with toxic comments and insults

Choose not to give away your control

Toxic words are a sign that someone is out of control. When people feel out of control in a conflict they turn to toxic words as an easy and quick way to hurt you. Insults can be used as a defence mechanism to physically express feelings like hurt, anger or jealousy. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you have complete control over your feelings. Choose to maintain control and not to let these words impact you.

Comfort yourself like you would a friend

You have the power to deflect the toxic words and replace them with kind words. Accept the situation as it happened (not how you may escalate it in your mind), accept it is a reflection of that person, be positive and continue with your day. The more you care for yourself and detach yourself from the situation, the quicker you will be able to not have any emotional feeling towards it. Compliment yourself, tell yourself it’s ok and love yourself.

Forgive the person

By forgiving that person you release yourself of the burden of the situation. By achieving forgiveness you have made peace with the reality of what has happened and you are ready to let it go. You can choose to forgive that person instantly and immediately allow yourself to be free of their toxic words. It is likely you will revisit the situation in your mind as it’s easier to forgive than to forget but over time it will all get much easier. Learning to be prepared to not care if a similar situation arises again will make forgiving even easier.

Own who you are and don’t give a fuck

Probably the best bit of advice ever. Channel your inner confidence and choose to be strong AF. Toxic vibes, negative comments and insults will cut through your soul if you let them. Own who you are, believe in yourself and reject the words. Cleanse your soul of that negativity and own who you are including your flaws. Once you achieve a high level of self respect and love, little comments won’t even matter anymore.

If comments from someone that was in your past still impact you now, it is time to love yourself and let go. You deserve to be happy. Allow yourself to move on, trust new people and leave the past in the past. Move forwards with love. Spread kindness everywhere you go and you will receive it back. People are sent to be lessons and blessing. These situations are sent to us to learn from. Use it as exactly that – a learning curve! Don’t let the odd negative comment ruin your mood, your self-confidence or your vibe. You got this!

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