Picnic with friends

Picnic with friends

Recently I went for a picnic and I was left wondering why I hadn’t done a picnic with friends sooner – it was so much fun, really relaxing and just a lovely way to spend a summer Sunday.

When one friend has children and the other doesn’t it can be difficult to think of ideas of things to do that everyone will enjoy. I can honestly say I love hanging out with my friend’s children. I love the role of honoury auntie and watching them grow up without the stress, nappies, tantrums and instead I get to have all the fun stuff.

Recently my friend Natalie and I decided to go for a picnic. It wasn’t something we had done before so popped to the local shop (yes I had all intentions of a Pinterest worthy handmade food displays- but it didn’t happen!) got lots of snacks and headed to a local park. It was a lovely day and we all really enjoyed it.

Little did I know there are a few things to consider when picnicking. I’m now considering myself a picnic pro and here are my top tips for a fun, stress-free picnic with friends this summer.

5 top tips: for a fun picnic with friends

Check if there are any events being run at the location for your picnic

Yes, we picked the one day that there was a huge event being run at our local park. Not only was it very busy, they were charging for parking and it wasn’t providing the ideal relaxing picnic vibe.

Make a plan for parking

I don’t know if this is just an Ipswich thing, but parking for the parks here is a nightmare. Natalie has a 2.5 year old and a newborn, so we had to consider being close enough that we didn’t have to walk too far and somewhere with enough space to get out the pushchair etc. (This mum lifestyle is seriously hard I tell you – shout out to mums doing this daily!)

Pick somewhere to sit that you feel comfortable

Don’t sit somewhere where everyone is walking, near any ball games or near leaf shedding trees (the tree debris issue was real – it was going on us, in the food, everywhere!). While we are talking of comfort I definitely recommend wearing something comfortable too. Wear something you can easily sit down in, walk in and play games in.

Take games

Word games, board games and sports activities can make a picnic even more fun. Entertainment for little ones is essential too; pens and stickers are a good way to keep them occupied. A portable speaker is also a very good idea for some feel-good summer tunes.

Allow yourself time to create delicious handmade food

There’s nothing better than handmade delicious treats. I love these layered picnic rolls by Cassie Fairy.

1. Choose a sturdy roll and cut off the top like a lid

2. Use a spoon or your fingers to scoop out the dough from the middle

3. Fill it with layers of your favourite things…like ham, chicken, cheese, salsa, houmous YUM!

4. Repeat until the layers are really compact inside the roll

5. Pop the lid back on and secure inside a beeswax wrap, the perfect alternative to cling film and kinder to the planet.

*Not a sponsored post, beeswax wraps were gifted

Author: Gemma Scopes

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