How to stop comparing myself to others: a daily routine

How to stop comparing myself to others: a daily routine

Comparison really is the fastest way to make yourself unhappy. Nothing makes you feel more inadequate than comparing things like your life, body, job and possessions to those of others. When looking through magazines, social media accounts and blogs it’s very easy to see what other people have. Although what happens next is a representation of how you feel about yourself. You can choose to react with a neutral vibe or beat yourself up that you don’t compare.

The truth is everyone’s journey is completely different. Everyone is on their own unique path trying to find their happiness. Your path was made for you and only you, so why are you wasting this opportunity to be truly unique? There is no one size fits all life and life is going to surprise you along the way. People are so consumed by themselves that they won’t even notice your insecurities.

When you’re not comparing yourself to others, please don’t compare yourself with the old you. Living in the past is the fastest route to regret and living in the future is the fastest route to anxiety. Instead of causing yourself pain over the life, body, job and possessions that you used to have or that you want, focus your attention on NOW.

I mean it. Who are you right now? What makes you authentically happy? Want to know the best bit? There’s no wrong way to be yourself! What if you just lived right here and right now. Don’t steal away your own happiness.

Ask yourself: what is it that I want to do?

Without any external influence, what does your heart tell you? Who even are you? Write it down. Create your goals, dreams and plan what would make you the best version of you. What is it that you actually want to achieve so that you can live your best life? What friendship goals do I want to achieve so that I can live my best life? Now comes the hardest part. It is time to enjoy your journey. Live every single day in the present and your goals will take care of themselves. Be fully focused on you, committed to loving yourself and not using comparison as a form of motivation.

If you’re feeling down and not quite yourself, check-in with yourself. Are you living in the present? Never compare yourself to others to motivate you towards your dreams, it DOES NOT work. Remove those people that make you feel bad about yourself like you would a toxic friend. If a person is not good for you, distance yourself away from them.

I really hope you are now feeling motivated to live your best life, love yourself the whole way and follow your own unique path. Here are 5 things to incorporate into your daily routine to not compare yourself to others and focus on YOU.

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How to stop comparing myself to others: a daily routine

Be grateful

Wake up each and every day being grateful for what you have. Get your head out of a screen and look around you. Cherish the possessions you have and treat them with respect. Create a clean, comfortable environment for yourself.

Live for today

Eat healthily now, tomorrow is not an excuse. Have a wardrobe of clothes that fit you now. Do everything you have been putting off…now. Now is the time to live your best life. Do your hair, take a bath and make yourself feel good. Never apologise for being you.

Be consistent towards your goals and enjoy the journey

Support yourself in the biggest way possible and be consistent towards your goals. Show up every day and work for it. The journey is the best bit. When you fixate on an occasion, a goal or a person to make you happy you won’t be. Choose to be happy now.

Make yourself happy

Others can only give you opinions based on their own experiences. They are not on your path, they don’t know how you feel and they can’t make decisions for you. Make decisions with clarity, follow your heart and go out and totally own your own life. Do the things that make you happy.

Appreciate your own journey

Don’t look at people who are seemingly already where you want to be and feel jealousy, don’t create blocks on your own path so that you never reach your goal and definitely don’t pin your happiness on achieving your goal.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this…

We see her as competition. We see her as beautiful. We see her as successful. We see her as happy. If only I could be her, I’d be so happy. BUT you cannot look at a filter of her life on Instagram that she wants to show you and compare what you have to her.

I will let you into a secret… she is suffering from not feeling happy because she is too busy creating her own flaws and comparing her life to someone else’s. So even if you were her you would be feeling exactly the same as you do right now.

Never lose sight of your process, your journey and hate yourself because you’re not there yet. Make happiness attainable. Happiness comes from within. From living a life that fulfils you and no one else. From creating your own unique path and not from imitating someone else’s.

Love yourself wildly and cherish the flaws that make you real. She’s not perfect and neither are you. Nothing external compares with the true beauty of feeling at peace with yourself, loving yourself and being at peace with everything that makes you, you.

Author: Gemma Scopes

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