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Friendship interview with: Megan Taylor (Model, Actress & Blogger)

During the lead up to the UK Blog Awards, there was a pre-award meet-up. It was an opportunity to meet other bloggers and ask questions to a panel of expert bloggers. One of those expert bloggers just happened to be Megan. Her beaming smile is infectious and I absolutely loved her positive vibe and genuine passion for what she does. As someone that is all about chasing her dreams, I could instantly tell Megan is totally on the same page and has worked super hard to achieve her success. She effortlessly worked the room and I could instantly tell this is absolutely someone you would want to be friends with. I am so excited that she agreed to let us get to know her better and get an insight into her personal life and friendship stories. In this friendship interview Megan shares how she juggles; her busy schedule, life in London and spending time with her husband and friends.

Hi Megan, I love your blog MeganTaylor, when did you start it and what is your favourite thing to blog about?

Thank you so much Gemma. I started my blog in 2015 after many failed attempts at blogging. My past blogs were very specific to their topic such as modelling life, acting auditions, baking, acne. I kept running out of content. That’s why I love my blog now because it houses everything that I love in life and luckily some other people like the things I like.

As well as blogging you act and model, how do you juggle being so busy and seeing your friends too?

I have always been a very work orientated person. I adore my work. Every day for me is different and exciting and the potentials are endless. With this being the case I definitely don’t make enough time for my friends and have probably lost some along the way. I have a small group of very good friends. Not many are freelance but they get what I do and understand that modelling and acting jobs come in last minute and often overrun and I have to take the job when it comes in. One of my best friends got married last year and I was a bridesmaid, this was the first time I have ever told my agents that under no circumstances will I work on that date. As long as a job pays for double of what I paid for my holiday I would cancel it for a job. I am also very lucky that my family are my friends and my friends are also close to my family, therefore we all spend a lot of time together, mostly drinking Prosecco. Wowey, I could keep chatting about this question but I think I have rambled on for too long now.

Do you ever experience feelings of loneliness being a freelancer and how do you avoid/overcome them?

Definitely. When I book a job abroad I feel incredibly lonely but I spend a lot of time FaceTiming my husband and my mum and just have them there with me. Before FaceTime, I had a job in Glasgow for 11 days and I hated spending that long away from my family. I wanted to fly my boyfriend (now husband) out to be with me but he had work. He has come to see me on a few of my jobs away from home. I spend most days alone wandering around London between castings and jobs but that time alone has allowed me to build my blog and social account.

Tell me about your current friend circle and how have your friendships formed and changed throughout your life?

My besties have been my besties since I was 2. We all lived in a close-knit street together filled with street parties. Our parents are all friends too so we all see each other regularly. I have a few friends from school who I keep in contact with and whenever we see each other it’s like nothing has changed apart from being a little bit more “adult”.

Do you think it is easy to make friends in London and why?

I have made a lot of good friends through the modelling world. I spend a lot of time sitting in waiting rooms at auditions in London and over the 10 years I have been modelling I have made some amazing friends that are there for a good gossip when things aren’t going our way. Not many people truly understand the modelling world so it is nice to have some friends that really “get it”. I think that if you want to make friends in London you should go to exercise classes because there are so many lonely people in London that have moved away from home and spend a lot of time doing classes of their hobbies.

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When was the last time you made a new friend and how?

My most recent friend is the gorgeous Jen We met through Instagram after realising we had the same modelling agent. I think she followed me, liked a ton of my photos and then I stalked her back a serious amount. Jen is an incredible person that is full of energy and bigs up her friends to everyone and anyone. She is the most supportive person I have ever met. Even though she has moved back home…freaking miles away!!! We still talk on the phone for hours at a time.

Did getting married change your friendships and do you share friends with your husband?

My husband Liam (@elevatesport) is as antisocial as I am haha. We love each others company. With the little amount of time that we don’t work, we always prioritise seeing each other before anyone else. We only really have Sundays off so if we have had a busy week we will always book out the Sunday for us-time. My friends are now his friends and he gets along really well with their boyfriends/husbands so that social time is seamless. I always feel more comfortable in any environment if Liam is there. He is like my comfort blanket haha.

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Tell a friendship story… 

I was organising my own hen do and having a serious meltdown making arrangements. Friends couldn’t make the same date or couldn’t afford it or could only do a bit of it or could only make one location etc. It was seriously difficult. Then one day two of my bridesmaids who are my best friends who happen to be sisters took over everything. They took down everyone’s email addresses and told me that everything else would be organised by them and I needn’t worry about a thing. They organised everything and everyone down to a tee. There wasn’t a single sash or willy straw in sight and I wish I could relive that day every year. They showed me how much they knew me by creating the perfect dreamy day. They even organised an after party at my parent’s house with all of the boys which was perfect. Although I love my girlfriends, I love having guys around me as well, especially Liam obvs 🙂

Thank you so much Megan for letting us know more about you and your friendships, where can readers find you online?

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