What to do if I’m feeling lonely

What to do if I’m feeling lonely

If you’re feeling lonely right now… please know that temporary feelings of loneliness are normal. Everyone feels lonely at times and it is all a healthy part of finding your path to loving yourself and taking care of yourself.

For whatever reason you are feeling lonely; this is your time to take a break from the world, concentrate your attention fully on yourself and to give yourself the love you are craving. Sometimes loneliness is caused by an event or person, sometimes it’s impatience that you’re not where you want to be in life or sometimes it’s a sign that you have not been taking enough care of yourself both mind and body.

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5 things to do now: What to do if I’m feeling lonely

1. Shower yourself with self-love

When you feel lonely the natural response is to blame yourself for everything that has happened to make you feel this way. I want you to say these words out loud right now… ‘I am worthy and deserve to have it all’. Say it again, say it loud and say it proud! It’s time to turn this shit around and start loving yourself. The cure for loneliness doesn’t come from other people, it comes from loving yourself fully, raising your standards and knowing your worth. Learn how to spend time alone and be happy. Walking alone for a while will teach you to be your own biggest cheerleader and when all else fails you will know that you can count on yourself. Practice self-love and determine what your favourite things to make you happy are. Take a bath, go for a walk, cuddle your pet or read a book.

2. Put on a good playlist

The power of music is so underrated. When you’re feeling fantastic create a playlist ready for these temporary moments when you don’t feel so great. Turn up the volume, sing and smile. It’s so tempting to listen to music that matches your mood but in times of loneliness crank up the beats, channel the sassy you and dance like nobody’s watching.

3. Be present

Be fully present with yourself. Don’t give attention to the past or the future, what matters is that you concentrate on the moment right now. These feelings of loneliness is your brain and body seeking your attention for some more love. Don’t ignore them, accept you are feeling this way and do something about it. Rest, relax and be kind to yourself. Nothing else matters more than you making yourself happy right now.

4. Help others

There really is so much reward in helping others. From writing a lovely comment on somone’s social media photo, to helping a neighbour to doing a good deed, helping others will make you feel good.

5. Journal & make a plan

This is the perfect time to journal how you are feeling. Writing things down can really help you gain clarity and a realistic perspective. It can be really easy to jumble feelings in your mind and writing them down will really help you to see things exactly how they are not over exaggerated. Write down things you love about yourself, things you would like to improve and a plan how you are going to chase your dreams. Use the emotions as motivation to make changes and to be better.

Remember that feelings are temporary and can change. No matter how bad the chapter you are in right now feels, things will get better. Life isn’t all fun times and great days. It brings it’s challenges and that is what it is all about. Everyone has bad days and tomorrow is a new day. Be kind to yourself and love yourself. I promise you wont be lonely forever.

If you are struggling right now, please know that you are not alone and that you matter. If you feel like you need immediate help, please call Samaritans for support 116123 or your local emergency services.

Author: Gemma Scopes

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