How to confront a friend

The key to friendship is communication. Occasionally you may need to confront a friend and you are already making a strong step forwards by considering how to solve problems with friends. Confrontations don’t have to be an argument and if done right will result in an honest and even stronger friendship.  Here are 5 easy steps: How to confront a friend and keep things amicable.

5 easy steps: How to confront a friend

Step 1: Prepare yourself

The best way to go into a confrontation is to be fully prepared. You need to think about the situation as it is and not how you may have escalated it in your mind. You need to take away your emotion and see the situation from a rational point of view considering your friend’s point of view. Be positive. Mistakes happen, human’s are human with lots of emotions and sometimes life can get crazy. Sometimes situations can be more reflective on you and you may be left considering why your friends always disappoint you. The best way to confront a friend is when you are feeling relaxed, positive and fully intending to leave the conversation with a resolution. Practicing what you’re going to say is a great way to feel calmer when you confront your friend.

Step 2: Select the right place and right time

There would be nothing worse than confronting your friend while you are busy or in a rush. Mutual ground is the perfect place for a confrontation. Places like coffee shops have a relaxed vibe and will deter things from getting heated. Start off with other conversation, remind your friend how much they mean to you and that there is something you would like to discuss. Confrontations should always be done in person because texting ruins friendships.

Step 3: Be specific and don’t pass blame

Be direct and explain how you viewed the situation, how you felt and how you feel now. Talk about your feelings only and don’t assume anything about the other person. Ask them their view on the situation and determine their feelings about it.

Step 4: Decide on a mutual resolution

Now that the situation is in the open and feelings have been discussed, it is time to decide on a resolution. A resolution can come in many different ways including; accepting an apology, forgiving the other person or agreeing that the situation was a one-off and won’t happen again. If you need a little help here is how to forgive your friend.

Step 5: Move on

Once the situation has been confronted and resolved, it is time to move on. Forget it, be positive it won’t happen again and don’t bring it up again.

If you are reading this post, it sounds like you need to resolve something with a friend. Stay calm, follow these steps, be positive and get it resolved so that you can move on. Confronting a friend is a really healthy thing to do and gives you the freedom to express how you’re feeling and how to make your friendships stronger. Good luck.

Author: Gemma Scopes

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