Photo Walkshop Review

Photo Walkshop Review

Ever since I started How to make friends I have been dedicated to continue the work I was doing on my own make friends project. I am passionate about all things friendships and am determined to come up with perfect solutions and formulas to help you. 

As part of my mission I continually attend events, try new products and services on my pursuit to not only find new friends myself, but to be able to share my experiences and stories with you so that you can do the same too. 

The event: Craig & Andy’s Photo Walkshop

Last week I was invited along to the Photo Walkshop in Southwold to see if it would be a good place to make new friends (can we take a second to appreciate the genius play in words of the event name). The event was hosted by Andy & Craig who are both local creatives specialising in photography. The purpose of the event is to ‘have fun – make new friends – improve your photography’. Well, it just so happens my favourite things to do are to have fun, make new friends and take photographs… so I was very excited to go along.    



What are the best bits?

*Meet like-minded creatives – it was a lovely opportunity for creative people to get together and share stories and ideas
*Fantastic varied and interesting group of people – a great mix of ages, backgrounds, careers and interests
*Small and manageable group for good conversation – really good size group, no feeling left out or getting lost amongst bigger characters
*Location – If you have never been to Southwold it’s worth going to this event just to see how beautiful the coast is, especially as we were treated to the most stunning sunset!
*Time for 1:1 photography help – Craig & Andy are experienced photographers and there is plenty of time to have 1:1 help whether you want to find your way around your camera or learn about exposure and shutter speed. 
*Suitable for all levels of photography – From professional cameras to iPhones there was no judging, no intimidation and no comparing
*Casual & friendly vibe – at no point did I feel like we were being herded like sheep (let’s face it you get that a lot at events usually!)

Is is suitable if I’m shy/ suffer with anxiety?

Definitely! There is no pressure to do anything. Craig & Andy are lovely and both made everyone really welcome as well as made their way around the group making conversation with everyone individually too. 

My top tips: How to make new friends at this event:

*Everyone had name stickers – this makes it really easy to use people’s names & not have to worry about forgetting them
*Use the walking time to approach individuals – a great way to start conversation is to ask about their interest in photography
*Try to have a little conversation with everyone – a rule of the event is to bring a friendly attitude – LOVE IT! 
*If you find someone particularly interesting, on your vibe or with similar interests swap social media pages, much less personal than phone numbers which can be awkward with new people but a great way to continue communication and support their work

Final word

The Photowalk is a great way to meet new people in Suffolk especially if you’re creative, a business owner or just want to learn more about photography. It was really relaxed and had a mixture of people that already knew each other and people that were attending alone. There was a general structure to the event but also plenty of opportunity to go off to take photographs, speak to other people while your walking and join in with the group in the tutorial parts.

Fancy going along?

*Not a sponsored post, ticket was gifted

Author: Gemma Scopes

Gemma Scopes is an award-winning friendship blogger and coach on a mission to cure loneliness amongst adults. Are you ready to build your self-worth, make friends & spark up your social life?

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