The ultimate guide: How to spend time alone and be happy

Firstly, it is fine to enjoy time alone. Being able to spend time alone happily adds fantastic benefits to your self-worth, friendships and social life. It is a skill that everyone should work to master. Here you will find the best advice on how to identify if you are feeling alone or lonely, how to spend time happily alone and what game-changing benefits you will experience. Here is The ultimate guide: How to spend time alone and be happy.

How to identify if you are alone or lonely

Just because you are spending time alone does not mean that you are lonely. If when you are alone, you feel content but bored you are feeling alone. However, if you feel misunderstood or like you have no one to talk to or no one that relates to you, then these are clearer signs of feeling lonely. Temporary feelings of loneliness are ok. Loneliness can be used as an exciting new chapter into making new goals, improving your social circle and making new friends.

5 ways to spend time alone and not feel lonely

With the fast-paced, technology-filled world, time fully alone can feel very rare. Social media means you have people in your pocket all the time, but these people may not necessarily make you feel good. It can be easy to scroll through social media and see people being sociable, hanging out with friends and having a great time and feel left out and lonely that it is not you. By spending time alone, you can build your self-worth so that you rely less on other people to make you happy, you can be mindful and give your brain a chance to relax and you can check-in with yourself that you feel OK. Here are 5 ways to spend time alone and not feel lonely.

1. Relax and be in the moment

A lot of people when faced to spend time alone feel isolated, bored and fear that they are missing out on something. Breathe, focus on you and be fully in the moment. Remind yourself there is nothing to miss out on and spending time alone is just as valuable as socialising.

2. Put down your phone

Scrolling through your phone is filling your mind and time with distractions. Instead, you want to fully spend time alone, be mindful of your thoughts and really get to know how you are feeling.

3. Do something you enjoy

Spending time alone does not mean you have to sit at home by yourself. Step outside and do things you enjoy but do them alone. Go eat at your favourite restaurant, go see a film or go on a nice walk. As soon as you can do things alone without the feeling that everyone is judging you, you will cherish and enjoy your solo time even more.

4. Step out of your comfort zone

As the quote goes ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’. Set yourself goals and challenges to complete alone. Teach yourself a new skill or learn new things. Using your alone time productively will give you a sense of achievement and pride.

5. Practice  

Like anything, spending time alone will take some practice for you to feel fully comfortable. It is unrealistic to think you will instantly enjoy time alone if you are an outgoing person.

BEWARE spending time alone may result in these 5 things

Once you’ve practised spending time alone and got to the point where you enjoy it, you may just start to experience any or all the following wonderful 5 things.

Clarity of your life & goals

Giving yourself head space really helps you to gain clarity of your life. It allows you to step outside of your mind for a moment and see your life for exactly what it is with no input from your inner voice. It gives you a chance to appreciate where you are at and where you would like to be. It allows you to appreciate the present, identify things to improve and create future goals.

Genius ideas

The best ideas come to a relaxed mind. Spending time alone allows you to quieten your mind. As soon as you have cleared your mind from everyday nonsense, the opinions of others and general stress, you will have the best ideas. Things that you have struggled with will suddenly seem easier and your pursuit of happiness will be obvious.

Unstoppable self-confidence

Being able to spend time alone happily will result in unstoppable self-confidence. As soon as you have the freedom of being happy without having to rely on others, you will see life in a whole new way. Gone will be the days of feeling disappointed, let down and not cared about. Instead, you will be happy every single day because you will have the power to do that for yourself.

Fuzzy feelings of gratitude

Taking a step back to appreciate everything and everyone in your life, will give you all the warm, fuzzy feels. Gratitude is such an important element of happiness. Even if you are not where you want to be in your career, friendships or life, to be grateful for what you have now will catapult you towards where you want to be.

Improved relationships & friendships

By eliminating your neediness to have someone in your life to make you happy, your relationships and friendships will instantly be improved They will become more fun and be more enjoyable for you all. Your new-found confidence, happiness and independence will be infectious and everyone will want to be your friend and spend time with you.

Author: Gemma Scopes

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