How can I be a likeable person?

One of the best compliments to receive is when someone tells you that they instantly liked you. It is so rewarding to think someone warmed to you without you even having to try. The instant likeability really adds value to a friendship. As soon as you feel the instant click you will naturally allow yourself to be more vulnerable and truly uniquely you. The self-induced pressure of knowing what to say or having to be interesting will instantly disappear and the conversation will naturally flow. These are reasons why it is hard to make friends as adults. You won’t have to worry about all the things you might do or say to make you feel foolish, but instead, you will actually just be you and be present within the conversation.

It is beautiful to be lost in conversation with someone without your inner voice distracting you. Use these 5 simple top tips to achieve instant likeability and to make friends easily. If you’re feeling a bit rubbish right now, I promise you won’t be lonely forever.

5 top tips: How can I be a likeable person

1. Vibes speak louder than words

As a human, you have the superpower to pick up on another person’s vibe way before they say anything. You’ve probably experienced this before when you have instantly warmed to someone or instantly disliked someone for no real reason. If your vibe is open and accepting to meet new people you will naturally attract people in your direction. Make sure you keep your vibe happy and confident, especially when meeting new people and spending time with friends. Other people will feed off of your positive vibes and instantly like you because you will make them want to be around you as you make them feel good about themselves.

2. Make eye contact & smile

Making eye contact and smiling really is everything. There is no awkward introduction that cannot be cured with a smile and some eye contact. It shows the person that in that particular moment you are fully invested in them and are open to learning more about them. Eye contact and a smile is the external validation of your happy and confident vibe I mentioned previously. This should be applied when meeting new people and greeting your friends every time.

3. Learn their name and use it

When meeting someone for the first time make sure you learn their name. People love the sound of their own name and it is much more personal to refer to someone in conversation with their name. It proves you are really listening. Be conscious not to fall into the trap of being too preoccupied of thinking about telling them your name that you don’t listen to theirs. Their name is much more important, if you do forget it don’t be afraid to ask for it again, just don’t leave the conversation not knowing it.

4. Be interested

You should always speak to new people and your friends like they are the only person in the room. Engage in the conversation, listen to what they have to say and show a genuine interest to know more. We are so used to living a life full of distractions that is fully focused on one thing is quite a rare thing to do. If you want to be likeable, treat the person you are speaking to with the respect they deserve. Allow them to express themselves, listen to them fully and make them feel special. You will find that the conversation will keep flowing if you are fully present within it and you will find value in intently listening to others.

5. Don’t give your opinion unless it’s asked for

This is a biggy that I see this all the time. The people who are a little too opinionated can quickly get themselves in the ‘unlike’ list because they offer their opinion too soon or when it’s not wanted. Make sure to really listen and support your friend. If you disagree with something they are saying ask if they would like your opinion. As friends, you are allowed to disagree and it’s not a power battle to get your opinion across. In the words of Justin Timberlake ‘sometimes the greatest way to say something is to say nothing’.

A little disclaimer: Hope these 5 top tips have helped you. Just remember positive, happy vibes and you will go far in terms of likability. I feel it’s also really important to mention here that it is impossible to strive to be liked by everyone – and that is totally ok. If you do you’ll be left wondering why do my friends always disappoint me. Instead, invest your time and effort with the people you get good vibes back from. Those people you instantly click with are well worth getting to know.

Author: Gemma Scopes

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