Make new friends but keep the old

I find myself alone and overthinking again. I really have no friends to turn to. My old friends have moved onto bigger, better things than me. They are married, having babies, getting promotions and I’m just…well me! It really is time to move on. I need new friends in my life, we all need that one friend who understands what we’re not saying. I need excitement, I need people on the same page and I need girlfriends who are available to go shopping, partying, gossiping with. I need people in my life who stick to the plans we’ve made months in advance and that are not going to cancel on me last minute (How to make friends in 5 easy steps). I need to get ‘me’ back and I need the support of new friends. I want to be motivated again to reach for my dreams. I’m starting to feel like a failure and that just isn’t who I want to be. I’m ready but how do I make new friends but keep the old?

5 Top Tips how to make new friends but keep the old

1. Spend less time with each friend but make sure it’s quality time – We can all be guilty of spending time with friends while our minds are thinking about other things. The secret to juggling old friends and new friends is to spend less time with each but to enjoy the time you do spend together. By having fewer meetups you will have more to catch up on, appreciate the memories you have time to make and be fully present in the moment (10 friendship goals that are actually realistic).

2. Remember that the value of friendship is not measured by time – Friends are people that bring joy to your life. Brand new friends can be just as valuable as friends we have known years. Often you find new friends more fulfilling in your life because they are more time appropriate to where your life is at right now.

3. Show all of your friends appreciation – Give gratitude to all of your friends and they will be friends for life. We all want to be loved and appreciated so be mindful not to allow anyone to feel left out.

4. Be mindful not to mention the new friends too much – You’ve met your new friends, you hang out all the time, they really get you, it’s exciting; we get it. But your old friends won’t appreciate it as they may feel like they are losing you.

5. Just do you – A lot of people say that new friends allow them to be their ‘best self’ but all friends should allow you to do that. If you don’t feel like you can be the true ‘you’ it may be time for a friend detox.

Author: Gemma Scopes

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