My friend project: meeting with an old friend

My friend project didn’t mean that I completely cut everyone I already knew out of my life. I have some amazing people in my life including long distant ones. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay in contact with long distant friends and life gets in the way, but true friends don’t mind and are happy to hear from you. I contacted a friend that I hadn’t managed to see in a couple of years. We made a ‘third time lucky’ commitment to seeing each other and booked a hotel straight away. We met in the middle of where we both live and arranged a nice girly shopping/food/drinks weekend.

It was just wonderful. It sparked everything in me of exactly why am I doing this and to remind myself that these friends are out there and everyone deserves to have one. She constantly makes me laugh, everything she says makes me shout ‘YASSSS’ in agreement and we are just totally on the same wavelength. It helps having these experiences to realise what qualities you need in a friend. Although we are long distant we can happily meet for weekends or trips away which makes are meet-ups even more exciting. I decided to make a list of my favourite qualities in a friend and what makes me feel the friendship vibe.



My top 5 favourite qualities in a friend:

  1. Good sense of humour – I love someone that can make me laugh and have a fun time with.
  2. Overall positive vibe – I can’t listen to someone moan all day and all night. I want positive vibes and a great outlook on life.
  3. Shared interests – It’s so good when you share interests with someone. It doesn’t have to be about life changing events or hobbies. Even something small like this friend went to see a medium and I am all about the spirit world.
  4. Ambition – I love friends with ambitions, goals and dreams. A friend that is out there hustling and going after everything they want. I find it interesting, encouraging and I love to hear their stories.
  5. Great listener – We all love someone that will listen to us. I like a friend to listen to my stories, to contribute but not overpower the conversation and to give their opinion but not be forceful. I in turn am a great listener and encourage friends to tell stories etc too.


Write your favourite qualities in a friend? Leave your list in the comments.

Author: The Friend Coach

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