My friend project: Friend app and making my first friend

Throughout my friend project I had some interesting changes of fate, thoughts and plans. My initial thought was ‘I need new friends’, my second thought was ‘I frantically need to find them’ and my third thought was ‘OMG! what if I never do’. As I mentioned before my first step was a ‘play it safe’ contact people I already knew in case my 5 best friends were lurking. After being let down (as I always had been) by the same certain people I went to my next ‘play it safe’ and avoid human contact embarrassment option… the internet! Lots of people have met each other online for dating and I figured it’s got to be the same for a friend right?!

I googled ‘friend app’ and liked the look of ‘Hey Vina!’, it was for women only and seemed pretty legit as you have to be verified to use it. I didn’t like the look of dating sites that edged off into friend sites. I filled in my details, filled in my profile which felt somewhere between writing a dating profile and a CV and got to work. Some profiles popped up I went for an instant gut reaction seeing their profile photo and then had a flick through their bio sections too. I think when people are looking for new friends they almost feel like they have to be friends with anyone that comes their way. Actually the great thing about friend finding through an app allows you to completely prejudge. It empowers you to feel like you are confident with who you are, you know from experience the types of people you enjoy spending time with and you know who is going to be fun to hang out with and like the same things as you….so I swiped left to skip and right for hey.



Personally I was looking for a friendly face, someone that was introvert & extrovert, in their 20s and fun. Unfortunately it seemed that there weren’t many people using the app or at least not in my area. I only got to swipe on a few profiles and didn’t match with anyone instantly. I think I started a couple of conversations which fizzled out quickly.

Around a month later I was having a tidy up of apps on my phone and wondered if maybe I had matched with any more people. I re-downloaded and to my surprise there were a lot of people in my area active and a lot more profiles to have a swipe through. I received a friendly message asking how I was and the conversation flowed from there. Lots of questions to get to know each other better and then we swapped numbers. We met for dinner a couple of weeks later and have had been the best of friends ever since! We text all the time from boy dramas to silly stories and everything in-between. I actually couldn’t live without her now. 

Thank you, internet, thank you HeyVina! And thank you Holly for being a wonderful friend.




Author: The Friend Coach

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