My friend project: A day out alone

I was nervous and anxious. Could I really do a whole day out alone? My anxiety took a hold of me; what if something happens? What if I suddenly fall ill? But The Friend Coach in me knew I had to do this for me and for all other women like me out there. If we can’t spend time alone how are we possibly meant to be a great friend. I am all for self-care, self –love and being a strong independent woman. I like to be ready for life where life feels like taking me whether that be alone or not. I love horses and I have always wanted to go to Burghley Horse Trials so I thought why not? It would be something I enjoy, there will be plenty to see and do and I should be able to blend into the crowd. I am a photographer too so took my camera as a safety blanket. I arrived, paid for my ticket, parked my car and walked in. To my surprise, I actually felt quite comfortable. I had a wander around the shopping village, headed to the ‘celebrity talk area’, stopped Tim Price for a selfie and carried on my day. I bought myself some lunch and went and sat out of the way of the crowds to eat it. Once the main event was on I spent my time photographing and watching that I didn’t really stop to think I was alone at all. The day was done, I got in my car and headed for home. It was very successful and I definitely want to experience more things alone. I definitely have more to conquer such as more days out, eating in restaurants and going on holiday but this was a solid start at experiencing life alone.



My 5 top tips for a day alone:

  1. Charge your phone – If you are like me and get a bit nervous of what ‘might happen’ your phone will be a good comfort blanket. Charge it up and take a power pack as a backup. That way you know you will always have charge to make calls, access to a satnav should you need it and a camera to document your day.
  2. Tell someone where you’re going –  for safety and peace of mind it’s good for at least one other person to know where you are going, where you’ll be and for how long.
  3. Pick a location that you’ve always wanted to go – Hello, positives of going alone. Do you research, pick somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and make yourself a plan. Write down your destination and everything you want to do while you’re there
  4. Take refreshments – I always find comfort in knowing I have water and snacks, if you have other things that bring you comfort bring those along too
  5. Relax– Be conscious to relax, walk slowly and take it all in. Enjoy your self-love day, treat yourself and enjoy every moment.  

Have you dared venture out alone? Leave your story in the comments.

Author: The Friend Coach

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