How to make friends at work

As an adult work can be one of the best places to make new friends. You have an instant subject in common, you probably spend more hours with these people during the week than your own family and you see each other regularly enough to know what is going on in each others lives.



Here are 5 easy to follow top tips to make friends at work:

Listen to them

A huge part of being a great friend is the ability to listen and not turn the conversation to you. Give them your full attention, listen to what they have to say and show a genuine interest by asking questions for more insight.

Ask questions

Questions give you answers. Questions will get the person to open up, will give you an insight of what they are like and will create a friendship connection.

Open up

You need to be open with them about life outside of work. By opening up conversation into your life away from work opens up the invitation for them to do the same. As soon as you talk about things away from work your work friendships steps up to being more personal and genuine.

Give them the invite

If you connect with similar traits, things you enjoy doing or shared hobbies invite them to do something outside of work. If this is a scary thought start with a simple walk at lunch time. If someone is willing to spend their lunch break with you, they will be willing to go to more efforts outside of work.

Do friend things

Good things come out of taking action. You need to do friend things for this person to show them you are open to friendship. Get them a gift if you see something they’d like especially on their birthday, swap numbers so you can give them a message to follow up on topics you’ve talked about and invite them for lunch/drinks at the weekend.

Author: The Friend Coach

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