5 friendship goals that are actually realistic

5 friendship goals that are actually realistic

We’ve all seen the sunset photos proudly hashtagged #friendshipgoals but sometimes life isn’t always a beach. Friendships should be rewarding and real friends through the good times and the bad.

The way friendship is portrayed in film, media and online doesn’t necessarily represent the true grit of a proper friendship. Friendships take work, they take commitment and though there will be fun times you will undoubtedly be a shoulder to cry on too.

When it comes to #Friendshipgoals everyone’s expectations from their friendships are different. If you have ever had a friendship that went from best friends forever to barely ever seeing them, someone’s priorities changed. If you are left longing for the best friend that you had, it is likely you have outgrown your friendship.

Friendship takes mutual effort. Both sides of the friendship need to be on the same page. Sometimes things will happen where one person may need to carry the friendship for a while but this should level equally again. If it doesn’t it may be time to make new friends but keep the old.

Wherever you find yourself in your friendship journey; whether needing to detox toxic friends, re-building your circle or surrounded by wonderful friends it is always important to have realistic friendship goals.  



Here are 5 friendship goals that are realistic to have

They will make you forget the serious stuff

Your friendship is filled with real talk, support for each other and sharing how you are truly feeling. But it should also be filled with fun, laughter and having a good time. Don’t get lost in being an adult, your friends should bring out the fun side of you too.

You can be completely yourself around them

No pretending to be someone you’re not and no pretending to be feeling a way that you are not. You should be completely comfortable to be just you and not have to overthink your behaviour.

You can have honest conversations without the other one getting offended

Friendships should be the best support network. When you have embarrassing stories, gossip and Tinder talk, it’s always friends you turn to. But it’s really important that you turn to your friends when you want help boosting your mood, a problem or a worry.

It doesn’t matter how long you haven’t seen them for, you always have lots to talk about

Conversation should just flow effortlessly. Time should fly. You should be really completely present in your friend’s company and just be filled with love and admiration for them. It’s important that you celebrate each other’s successes and want genuine happiness for each other.

5. [Insert your own]

Seriously, I didn’t just run out of ideas! You need to have your own friend goals. What do you want most from a friendship? What qualities are most important to you? Set your own friendship standards and stick to them.

Mine is:

They’re happy to go to all lengths to get THE photo of me

My friends can fully expect to be standing on chairs, rolling on the floor and squatting into all angles possible to get me a photograph I’m happy with. (We all need these friends right?!)



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