Top 6 Places: Where can I make friends

Firstly a massive well done to you for realising you want more rewarding and real friendships and are looking to take action. Taking the first steps to making new friends is the hardest part. It is only natural to feel nervous and maybe even awkward about it. Making new friends has always been treated as a bit of a taboo subject, but I’m here to shout about it and what a fantastic thing it is. People are just expected to have friends but it leaves you wondering where can I make friends.



Top 6 places to meet friends

1. Work

Some of my best friends have come through work. Be really open to your colleagues and make an effort to get to know them on a personal level. If you connect with similar traits, things you enjoy doing or shared hobbies invite them to meet outside of work.  

2. App

Join the modern day world, set up a profile and getting chatting. It seriously feels like dating as your swiping on people, but it is a great way to be specific about the type of friend you want. I met a lovely friend through an app that I wouldn’t have necessary crossed paths with any other way.

3. Join a club

Clubs are the perfect place to meet someone. You have an instant conversation starter as you share an interest. Your friendship can easily blossom from there.

4. Volunteer

volunteer work will not only make you feel good personally as you will be making a difference but it is a great place to meet new people too. These people will be of a similar vibe to you and be interested in similar things.

5. Pets

It sounds quite funny to say aloud, but I have made new friends through my horse. I’ve met other horse owners, people I share the yard with and other horse business owners. You can do the same with your pet whatever it may be. Go to dog training, dog walks, join a breeders owner club, that kind of thing.

6. Family

You can share friends with your partner, you can meet other parents at kid clubs, meet families on holiday. Always be open to the people who come into your life.  

It is not so much about the place but more about how you carry yourself. You have to be open to meeting new friends. Be positive, open and honest. Talk to people wherever you go from the supermarket cashier to the post man. Everyone you come across is a potential friend, you just need to put in the effort.

Author: The Friend Coach

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