Why having no friends is good

There is nothing worse than the short, sharp realisation that you have no friends. You’re not even exaggerating. You’ve been cancelled on, not invited and insulted one too many times. Your heart sinks as you realise that you have no one that would drop their lives in a hurry to help you, no one that actually commits to your meetups and no one that shows a genuine interest in you and your life. Keep reading, you’re about to learn game changing information as to why having no friends is good.

We are in this together. You are in absolutely the right place. You can easily drop these fake friends, make new friends and enjoy rewarding and real friendships. We all need to go through this phase to learn, grow and move on to living a much better, fulfilling, enjoyable life with new friends. You will soon be at a point where you actually feel grateful for where you are now.  





Here are the Top 6 reasons: Why having no friends is good:


1. Time for self-love

In the busy world we live in we can easily forget to take care of ourselves. You can now spend the time you’ve previously wasted on ‘friends’ on yourself. Take long baths, listen to your favourite music, read books and relax.


2. You won’t be let down

Clearing your life of the friends that no longer serve your will be like a weight lifted from your shoulders. You no longer have to rely on them and you won’t be let down ever again.


3. Find the new you  

You will find time and motivations to immerse yourself in new things, try new hobbies and meet new people. You will completely evolve as a person and opportunities will come your way that you would normally only ever dream of.


4. Be the new you

Meeting new people allows you to be whoever you want to be. It is a complete clean slate for you to write a new story.


5. You get to be picky

This is the best bit. Now that you’re in the know of exactly what friends you need in your life you can be completely choosy over who you let enter your life.  


6. You will genuinely enjoy yourself

You will carry an aire of influence and positivity just by being surrounded by rewarding and real friendships. You will make plans knowing that they will be followed through on. You will meet up with friends and have the best time of your life. You will go on adventures you never imagined possible.


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Author: The Friend Coach

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