My Friend Project: 5 Perfect Friends?

I had always struggled with pinning down one best friend. I went through my school years speaking to everyone but trying to cling onto the popular kids. My home life was great, I wanted for nothing, but serious friendships was something I struggled with. I had long term boyfriends who were my best friends to mask the lack of real friendships. School really is a huge realisation of all the different types of people who you will go on to meet regularly as you grow up, start work etc. 

After school I intentionally distanced myself from many people that I clung onto just to make it through! They weren’t people I would call friends. Some were the types that you wouldn’t dare leave the room through fear you would be bitched about. I met incredible people at university and work and those friendships really helped me to blossom into the person I am today.

Fast forward… I’m in my late twenties still consider myself as young, ambitious and driven but my lack of friendships have left me with a void to fill. This is the age where all of my current friends are married off and have babies. Some have pretty much forgotten I exist already. 

My Friend Project is allowing me to discover friends, try new things and ultimately reinvent myself at The Friend Coach so that I can help others do the same. 



My first research lead me to whether there is such a thing at the PERFECT friends. I narrowed my findings into the following… 

5 Perfect Friend Categories

The everyday one

I need that friend who can pop in unannounced to the chaos my flat can be when I really can’t be bothered on a weekend. Someone that will not judge my pile of dirty dishes, my pjs and scruffy hair. This person needs to be within walking distance because I fully intend on popping around hers too.

*Lives within 10 minute walk
*Cosy/ comfortable home environment
*Doesn’t mind what my home looks like

The life coach one

This needs to be a successful, ambitious, creative person that I can immerse into business chats with. Someone that is running their own business. That has an opinion and great advice. Someone super positive, happy and influential.

*Weekly coffee shop meetings
*Has an agenda
*Is supportive of any crazy ideas I have

The one that takes risks

I fully accept not seeing this one a lot they will be off travelling and exploring. BUT this needs to be someone that checks in and would absolutely love to catch up as soon as their home. They will in turn encourage me to take risks, to encourage me and to make me see life in a different way.

*Checks in once a month
*Encourages me to take risks

The funny one

I need someone hilarious in my life! Like I want to be laughing until it hurts! Belly laughing, tears streaming, this would be such a fulfilling friend.

*Doesn’t take life too seriously
*Doesn’t want to know about work and the life stuff

The couple

If in a couple I find it really important to have another couple you both love in equal measures so that you can all enjoy yourselves together. Currently n/a.

Bonus friend…

The holiday one

Those friends you don’t really see but can book holidays with and have the BEST time.

*Loves travelling
*Up for spontaneous trips

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