How to make long distance friendships work

How to make long distance friendships work

I think the term ‘long distance’ has an instant negative stigma attached to it. I actually long love distance friendships and here I will give you the benefits of these friendships and how to make a long distance friendship work.




Reasons I LOVE long distance friendships:

  • There is nothing better than meeting up with a friend and having loads to discuss
    With technology at our finger tips, social media and messaging it is easy to track what each other are up to daily that sometimes when you do meet up you already know what they’ve been up to. I don’t speak to some of my long distance friends daily but we know we are always a phone call away. When we do meet up there is SO much to chat about, catch up on and you soak up their personality. You don’t feel pressured to see and speak to them all the time – I think when you are long distance friends you accept that you are not going to see or speak to each other daily, weekly sometimes even monthly but it releases the pressure of feeling like you have to. You set a weekend in the diary and look forward to it.
  • I don’t have to take time out of my routine
    I have quite a strict daily routine in order to achieve what I need to. I find comfort in my routine and it gives me results. Taking time out of my routine throws me off my flow. Booking lovely weekends away is so refreshing, I look forward to it, I fully engage myself when I’m there and thoroughly enjoy it too. It feels like a holiday when you see them – every time you see them is like a mini holiday. Whether you are exploring where they live, you book a city break to meet in the middle or you’re being a tourist with them in your own town it feels like quality time spent away from your usual life.
  • An insight into a different way of life
    I love meeting people from different places all over the UK. Even within our country there are so many differences even between cities where people live. I love the different accents to. It’s fun to immerse yourself into a different way of life.

Now I know you’re thinking ‘I’m going to get me one of those long distance friends’ but now how to make a long distance friendship work for me?

  • Equality

As I say a lot in my friendship writing, this is a two way road! Long distance friendships are all about equality. You have to both make as much effort as each other in everything such as; to take charge of the organising, travel distance, who contacts who first, gifts etc. Equal effort needs to be made by both parties otherwise a long distance friendship will fizzle out.

  • Care

Text them if you think of something, post them a gift and even though you are far away, you can always show you care. Little things can sometimes mean the most.

  • Attention

Just because your friend is out of sight does not mean that they should be out of mind. Attention to detail is everything. Remember birthdays, special dates, send a Christmas card do all the little things you would for your local friends.

  • Fun

Long distance friendships are meant to be fun so make sure it stays that way. Plan super fun trips, days out, holidays. Get a running list of places you want to go together, things you want to do together and places you want to visit together. This will give you both things to look forward to and stop the friendship from dwindling.

Author: The Friend Coach

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