My friend keeps copying me

Ooooh girl, I feel like I could write a book on this one! I’ve been there, I’ve experienced it, I’ve been super pissed off about it and now I’ve come out the other side ready to share how you can do the same. When I was little my mum used to try to convince me that copying was flattery but I just couldn’t get my head around it. I LOVED to be different when I was growing up. I would pride myself in being creative and unique. I was always looking for something different. I wouldn’t get the on-trend product that everyone had, I’d get something a bit more quirky. You can just imagine how fuming I was when I was really excited by my new stand-out purchase and the next day a copycat had the same.




Now talking as a wise twenty-something year old, I realise that my mum was actually, like she usually is, right. Now I’m ready to give you an insight of what copying means and how you can stop it for good:

  • People that copy and imitate, actually do it due to underlying reasons and this is important to understand. They can feel lost, insecure, unguided and lonely. If someone is copying you it can actually open you up to the opportunity of more open and honest conversations.
  • You are influential and you can use it as such a positive. Your copier has chosen you as someone of style, importance and appreciation. They are not simply copying you they admire you. Use these signs of copying as a gateway to helping them.
  • If your friend is copying your purchase habits you can suggest taking them shopping. By copying you they are looking for your guidance and they’ll really appreciate your guidance.  You can address the copying and suggest alternatives in a polite way such as ‘I have this top but I actually think this one will really suit you’, ‘I’ve got these jeans but I nearly brought these ones they are so comfy’. Once you have helped them establish what suits them and what they should be looking for they will be more likely to shop independently.
  • As an alternative to copying you, you can easily and discreetly suggest people like celebrities and bloggers to follow. With the online world at our fingertips there are so many influencers that are paid to advertise products and services. You could suggest some of these people to your friend to watch their videos, check out their product ranges etc. It wont be long until they are copying them.
  • If your friend is copying the way you behave or act then you just need to be a great friend to them. Their inner securities must be very low. Build their confidence, make them stronger as a person, get them to believe in themselves and help empower them. The world needs a lot more people to love themselves and you can make a big difference. You will quickly notice the difference in the way they behave as well as act.


Author: The Friend Coach

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