Law of attraction friends

Law of attraction friends

If you haven’t heard of The Law Of Attraction I’m about to launch you into yet another game changer. I discovered The Law Of Attraction through a book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. If you like what you read here and are open to changing your vibes, ready to lead a positive lifestyle and attract everything you want into your life including law of attraction friends, then get reading this post and go order your book. 



Here are 5 easy steps to attract Law of attraction Friends into your life 

Step 1: What friend do you want to attract?

 It is human nature to just instantly panic about not having lots of lovely friends, whereas actually one or two best friends can be more beneficial. We are aiming for quality not quantity. You could have all the ‘friends’ in the world but if they are not rewarding friends, you are essentially a lonely person surrounded by strangers. Your first step is to make yourself a cuppa (wine is also an option), sit somewhere quiet and really start to imagine and visualise your law of attraction friend. The more specific you can picture, the better at this stage. You can think of details like what does she look like, what does do for work, where does she live, what are her family like, what are her hobbies? When I first started my friend project I really wanted a ‘pop-by’ friend that I could see daily (My friend project: 5 Perfect Friends?) but as I started to imagine her popping by it actually stressed me out. I cram a lot into my day from exercise, to long work hours and looking after my horse. The last thing I would need is someone to pop by for a cuppa and throwing me off course. This is when I realised I could definitely have some longer distance friendships. The positive of this is that the location for finding my new law of attraction friends completely opened up and although we wouldn’t see each other frequently we would see each other consistently for big catch ups, giggles and quality time together. Go about being who your ideal friend would want to be friends with. If you want to have a really  fashionable, well dressed friend you need to be fashionable and well dressed yourself. If you want a relaxed, zen friend you need to incorporate that into your lifestyle too. Like attracts like. You need to be a great friend for the new law of attraction friends that are about to enter your life.

Step 2: Open up your life for your friend to be a part of it

You are about to have a wonderful gift from the universe. Brand new law of attraction friends to share your life, your goals, your likes, your dislikes, your highs and your lows with. But first you need to show the universe that you are ready. I would highly recommend blocking out time from your diary as ‘friend time’. This shows that you have time for a friend. If you are looking for an everyday ‘pop-by’ friend is your home ready for her? Stock up on tea, coffee and biscuits. Create a nice area for you both to sit, relax and unwind. Is your family prepared for a new person to come into the house?

Step 3: Ask the universe

There are many ways to ask the universe for what you wish to attract. Just by being prepared for your law of attraction friends shows you are willing to receive. You can also try meditation, visualising yourself spending time with your new friend, thinking of places you could visit together and the fun times you will share. You can use prayer to focus on asking for what you want. Another popular method is a vision board (How to create a vision board). These are super fun to make and great to have a daily reminder of what is coming into your life. Start a scrap book or a board and get creative. Stick photographs of places you want to go with your law of attraction friends, food you want to eat with them and ideas of things you could do.   

Step 4: Use affirmations

Affirmations can be really powerful in helping to get law of attraction friends. Choose 3-5 affirmations to go think, say, meditate on each day. Examples can include:

  • I am making new friends with ease
  • I am open to a new friendship and attract wonderful friends into my life
  • I am finding friends who are like-minded and appreciate me
  • I love my life and my friends
  • My circle of friends continues to grow bigger than I ever expected

Step 5: Show gratitude

Showing gratitude is everything when it comes to attracting what you want. You have to be grateful for who you are, where you are in your life, your current friends, your freedom to meet new friends and the new friends that the universe is bringing to you (10 friendship goals that are actually realistic). Finally, live your life with gratitude, happiness and confidence knowing your new law of attraction friends are on their way.


Author: The Friend Coach

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