Top 5 Tips: How to make friends as an adult

If you are wondering how to make friends as an adult you are in the right place. The great news is that how to make friends as an adult is actually really easy. By now you will have figured out exactly who you are and with this self-assurance, you will know exactly what you like and what you don’t.  With this self-confidence and the following top 5 tips, you will be making rewarding and real friendships in no time.

Top 5 Tips: How to make friends as an adult

1. Consider who your real friends are

The first step of the process is to sit and think about the people already in your life. Do you already have friends that you could make more of an effort to spend time with?  Do you have friends that no longer serve you in a positive way? Starting with a friend detox will create the perfect space for new friends in your life.

2. Be the friend that you want

If you want to start making fun friends you need to be up for having fun yourself. If you want to make funny friends, you need to be up for a giggle and not take yourself too seriously. If you want to attract calm, got their shizz together friends you need to make sure you are living an organised and together life yourself. You could consider and try making Law of attraction friends.

3. Hang out where your new friends will be

This is the stage that requires some effort and where people shy away from making new friends BUT if you go ahead with this all-important step you will meet so many new people and really create a new life for yourself. If you are looking for a new sporty friend, join a club. If you are looking for someone that loves music, start going to gigs, join music forums and get involved with fan pages online. If you are looking for a new mummy friend get searching through mum blogs, talk to other mums in the playground and organise play dates.

4. Make free time

There is no point in making new friends if you don’t have any time to invest to spend with them. If you have a busy schedule, block out ‘friend time’ now. This doesn’t need to be a complete overhaul; even an hour to meet for coffee, a spare evening for a meal, or a Sunday morning for a brunch. Timekeeping is really important, don’t be the ‘my friend is always late‘ friend.

5. Listen, remember and act

I cannot emphasise just how important this next step is! Essentially what we love in friends is that they listen to us, understand us and share the same vibes. Well, what if I can let you in on a secret? Turn this into a priority and you will be an amazing friend. This process is not all about you, it is a two-way street. Listen wholeheartedly to what your friends have to tell you, make sure you remember special occasions and events and follow up on those things with a genuine interest.

Now that you know how to make friends as an adult, get looking for opportunities every day. You will be amazed at the number of people you meet that are looking for new friends too.

Author: The Friend Coach

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