My friend is always late

My Friend is always late

Having a friend that is always late can be annoying AF. There are a few different ways to look at and solve this problem. Firstly what kind of late friend are they? Yes, there are two types which I have listed below.

Late friend 1: The sorry not sorry late friend

This is the friend that is chronically late, says they are on their way when they’re not and doesn’t apologise for their tardiness either. They will cancel last minute without a drop of guilt and sometimes just go off-grid on the day you’re meant to be doing something. They may be the type of person that says yes to you until they can find a better offer elsewhere. It is worth knowing how to tell if someone is being fake nice.

The solution: This sounds like a toxic friend. If someone disrespects your time and plans they aren’t a friend. As adults, we have a limited amount of time and energy so don’t waste them on the wrong people. Here are 10 easy ways of how to spot a toxic friend.

Late friend 2: The amazing in every other way but poor at time keeping friend

This is the friend that is wonderful in every way but is rubbish with their timekeeping. Everyone has their flaws and if your friend is sometimes late, that can be something to overlook when it comes to the quality of their friendship. There have even been studies that show creative people tend to be late.

The solution: There are always lots of ways to solve friend problems. Remind this friend to be on time and pull them up on it if it does annoy you. Tell them an earlier time to meet or take something productive to do in the time you will wait. Enjoy your time together, they are still a wonderful friend and send them to the plan below.


I put my hands up, I have totally been guilty of this myself. My time keeping is ropey. I always try to cram too much in and end up late. When I am late it makes me feel horrible, really awkward and uncomfortable and I feel like it gets the meetup off on the wrong foot. I have now made the adjustment from the ‘my friend is always late’ friend to the ‘on-time’ friend. If you are guilty of being the late friend or want your friend to up their time keeping game check out the ultimate guide below of how to stop being the late friend.


An image of a table with a quote saying 'If someone disrespects your time and plans, they are not a friend'

The ultimate guide: How to stop being the late friend

Check your journey on google maps

We have the wonderful technology of not only checking our journey time but checking our journey time with live traffic updates too, an absolute gamechanger so traffic won’t make you late to see your friend. I always check my journey to have a rough estimate of how long it will take me and then give it a couple more checks as time builds up to when I need to leave. You can then change your departure time accordingly.

Plan your time working backwards

Now that you know what time you are going to leave to meet your friend, you can arrange your time productively in the build-up to departure. Write a to-do list, arrange the order and arrange timings. For example, I leave getting ready until last because I like to feel fresh as I’m walking out of the door. So go into a bit more detail of what tasks are included in getting ready. Do you need to wash your hair, iron your dress or paint your nails? It’s amazing how these small tasks can amount to taking up a lot of time and consequently make you late.

Pre-plan everything that you can

Write a list of those little things that could add up a lot of time for example; make sure you have petrol in your car, an outfit washed and ready and your chores are done. These little things you are likely to forget until the moment you need to do them and they can be really annoying.

Make others around you aware

Ensure your partner, parents or children aren’t going to ask you to do something for them last minute and make you late. Put your friend meet-up on the calendar, make everyone aware and don’t accept any extra tasks. Make sure you pre-plan things like bathroom time and dishes.

Phone on flight mode and music on

Get some of your favourite tunes on to not only excite you for seeing your friend but to motivate you as you get ready. No one needs to be pointlessly scrolling through Instagram making themselves late when they’re meant to be straightening their hair. BUT if you like to take a good selfie before you leave, factor that into your timings.

Leave me a comment, below what are your experiences of having a friend that is always late?


Author: Gemma Scopes

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