In my twenties and have no friends

In my twenties and have no friends

For whatever reason you have found yourself in your twenties and feeling like you don’t have any friends, please know that it is going to be ok. You may be feeling lonely or like just want to give up, but the best thing is that you have found this post which means you are willing to do something about it.

I have been exactly where you are right now and it does get better. In my late twenties, I found myself as the last single friend of my friendship circle. My friends were getting married, having babies, buying houses and I was not doing ANY of those things.

There are lots of big changes that happen in your twenties that no one prepares you for. I’m here to tell you that feeling like you have no friends in your twenties is more common than you can even imagine, I dedicated a year to make friends and here are the 10 lessons I learned.

Whether you find yourself as the last single friend, the first mum of the group, maybe you’ve moved away for a new career or you’ve simply outgrown your old friends during your twenties, it is time to put in some work to make new friends. You can and will stop feeling lonely. Making friends in your twenties is actually really easy and can be lots of fun too. Having no friends is good because it means you are not currently wasting your time and energy on the wrong people and instead you can invest them into meeting new people.

Image of a bench with a quote saying making friends in your twenties is actually really easy and can be lots of fun too


Here are 5 things to do if you’re in your twenties and have no friends:

Love yourself first

The most important thing to do right now is to love yourself. You should never rely on others to make you feel loved. Take a deep breath, relax, give yourself a compliment right now and be kind to yourself. Self-love is really important, make sure to keep doing the things you enjoy and make you feel good. Take a long soak, get your nails done or put on your favourite playlist. Remember that life doesn’t have a timescale and just because you’re in your twenties does not mean you’re never going to make new friends.

Learn to enjoy time by yourself

For most people, spending time alone doesn’t come naturally but it is absolutely a skill you can and should learn. You should NEVER have to rely on the company of friends to enjoy yourself. There are plenty of solo things you can do in your twenties. Challenge yourself to eat alone, go on solo shopping trips and enjoy evenings in with your favourite films. Here you can find here the ultimate guide on how to spend time alone and be happy.

Start a new hobby or volunteer for something you love

There are so many fun things to do in your twenties to meet new friends. Is there something you’ve been wanting to do for ages? Join in, sign up and get involved, now is a perfect time. When you join a club or hobby you instantly have something in common with the other people there and it makes starting conversations really easy.

Stop scrolling and stop putting yourself down

If you find yourself feeling low and scrolling at all the squad goals, friends goals and best friend hashtags STOP, like immediately! Motivation never comes from comparison. It is easy in your twenties to get stuck in a cycle of comparison, especially scrolling through highlight reels on social media. Close your phone, remove the app and look around you in the real world. It is a very different place. Don’t let social media make you feel depressed.

Start being the type of person you want in a friend

It is true what they say, your vibe really does attract your tribe. Nobody is going to want to be friends with someone moping because they have no friends. Get yourself out there, dress yourself to feel your best, paint a smile on your face and go meet new people. Your twenties are meant to be an adventure and you have totally got this!

If you found these tips helpful, leave a comment below. Let me know what action you’re going to take to make new friends. Always remember I’m here cheering you on the whole way!

Author: Gemma Scopes

Gemma Scopes is an award-winning friendship blogger and coach on a mission to cure loneliness amongst adults. Are you ready to build your self-worth, make friends & spark up your social life?

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